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  • Yasunsabun Makes Natural Soaps

At least 65% of our natural soaps consist of vegetable oils. We recommend that you pay attention to the quality, certification and analysis of the vegetable oils we have chosen. We know that a quality soap is obtained in the right formula and from quality pure oils.

  • Produces Handmade Soap

We produce our handmade soaps with labor-intensive production. There is human effort and dedication at every moment of production. Our production volume is to increase the power of our labor. Technology occupies a small place in our production. The craftsmanship of handcraft makes Yasunsabun natural soaps unique.

  • Has Its Own Formula

We use our own formula, which we blend with past experiences, not others. We work for the best by strengthening our formulas with our observations and experiences. We aim to achieve the best with the possibilities of his time.


  • Natural Purity:

We source only the purest, sustainably harvested ingredients from nature, free from harsh chemicals and additives.

  • Dedication to You:

Your delight is our compass, and we offer a diverse range of soaps, thoughtfully designed to cater to every skin’s unique desires.

  • Sustainability:

We’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint through eco-friendly practices and recyclable packaging.


Yasunsabun, we envision a world where skincare is nourished by nature’s purest ingredients. Our vision is to become a global leader in providing handcrafted, natural soaps that elevate everyday self-care routines. We are committed to promoting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle through our products.


Our mission at Yasunsabun is to create handcrafted, natural soaps that not only cleanse but also rejuvenate and nurture the skin. We are dedicated to harnessing the power of nature’s finest ingredients, using sustainable practices, and promoting eco-conscious packaging. Our goal is to empower individuals to make mindful choices for their skin and the environment.

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